Frequently Asked Questions


What LINE-X color options are there?

We offer our standard black, gray, and tan.  Any other color can be done with an automotive paint code.  We will not choose your color for you.  There’s a reason we use LINE-X - it doesn’t come off!  *NOTE - no returns on pink systems!


How long does it take to install/remove a Trekboxx system?

Installation is pretty straightforward.  Prior to shipping, we fully assemble and test each system.  They are disassembled only enough to fit in the custom wooden shipping crate.  The first time you install your system, it will take about 2 hours.  As you learn the system it will take less time.  We can install a system in about 30-45 minutes.  Removal takes about 15 minutes.


Do you make a system for my vehicle?

Maybe…  We make all of these systems by hand here in California.  All of the models offered on the website are models that have gone through the patterning, CAD design, prototyping, and testing process.  If a system is not offered here for your specific vehicle we are not opposed to making a custom setup, but to get the level of efficiency and fit and finish Trekboxx is known for, there is a lot of labor involved to make the first one.  This could be cost prohibitive depending on the project.  We also need your vehicle.  Alternatively, if you are looking for the main system minus the trim we may be able to fit one of the existing base systems in your vehicle, or you can provide me with dimensions and I can build a simpler drawer system to fit your needs.  


Where is a showroom close to me?

We actually get this question often!  There are no showrooms or distributors.  We are a small shop (with some help from local laser cutters, etc.) and sell direct to customer.  Making bespoke cargo systems here in the US comes at a high cost, and we try to keep the margins low and the value high by cutting out the middle man.  We may have a customer near you that would be willing to show his or her system- just ask.  


Can you switch the System Alpha, i.e. put the fridge on the other side?

Yes, but it would be a custom system and require a surcharge.  The CAD design would need to be inverted and the CNC machine re-programmed.  All of the cages would also need reprogramming and custom run on laser cutting machines.  This can get expensive, so let me explain why the fridge is behind the driver.  First, the non-fridge side of the system is usually the heavier side when loaded for a trip.  This helps offset driver weight.  Second, the visibility especially when changing lanes is much, much better day to day when the system is empty.  Last, if you stop on the shoulder to grab something from the back/fridge (not always safe), having the fridge where it is keeps you farther from traffic.  We believe many people request this because this is what they see in pictures.  From Australia.  Where they have right-hand drive vehicles…


Can you mount a stove under the fridge?

Well, we can, but try not to.  There are a few reasons for this.  While it looks cool and very “expo”, we think it’s kind of a poor decision to have your fire source bolted to your gasoline source which also happens to be your chariot home.  We know, we know- what are the chances?  Well, Murphy works in mysterious ways.  Also, it relegates you to having a stove under the fridge vs. a more adaptable space such as a drawer/work surface.  Day to day you may not want a stove filling up valuable drawer space.  Also, with the Aux Work Station holding your stove you can have your stove and a full work surface.


When will my system be done?

All Trekboxx systems are built to order in your color choice.  Lead times vary, but usually take about 6-8 weeks.  A more accurate lead time will be given at the time of your order based on current workload.