TrekboxX System Alpha was reviewed in Issue 16 of OutdoorX4 magazine this month.  Read the article here.

August 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have been invited to participate in a custom build for SEMA in Las Vegas this November.  The great folks over at myTop are working on an original Jeep build to exhibit the first and only powered convertible Jeep top.  Keep an eye out for more information on this exciting project.  Check out myTop at

Stan Wright, a member of our adventure community, is dealing with a difficult recovery following an unfortunate accident and subsequent back surgery.  A fundraiser has been set up to assist this great man and his family during their time of need.  Please visit the website to learn his story and donate if you can.

October 2015

We've done a complete re-design of our systems.  They are lighter and much easier to install or remove from your vehicle should the need arise.  As a result of this, some of the photographs on this site may depict the older version.  Bear with us while until we update the site when we can.  Fear not, the new systems look almost exactly the same and function the same, with very few exceptions.  We've removed 99% of the exposed hardware, making them look cleaner, increasing the security of the drawers when locked, and decreasing the future possibility of hardware corrosion.  We've completely revamped the manufacturing process, thus allowing us to use thinner materials in key areas to reduce weight and bulk while keeping the necessary robustness.  Our work surfaces have increased in thickness from 1/4" to 3/8", to increase their rigidity.  All of our drawers have increased volume over the previous models due to our new integrated steel fridge slide design, as well as a redesigned center bulkhead.  For example, the shallow drawer on our Land Cruiser Alpha System has increased by almost 4 inches in width, with no loss of volume in the main drawer!  This also makes the work surface/ cutting board that much wider as well.  The shallow drawer has also increased in depth to 3.75" to accommodate most Partner Steel stoves, a very high quality and popular stove option.  We now offer color matched LINE-X on all of our systems at no charge, because form and function must be harmonious to achieve perfection.  

June 2015

We have a new partner in the metal fabrication side of our business- NTK Fab.  Jason, the owner of NTK, is a great guy to work with and has helped immensely in streamlining the process for our new designs.  He and his team of expert fabricators and welders work together to bring the metal side of Trekboxx's CAD designs to life.  If you're in the Sacramento area and are in need of quality metal fabrication, you can visit them here

August 2014

Paul Gardner wrote an in depth review of his System Alpha, including some great pictures.  You can view it here.