Base Camp and Scout Strops


These strops are meant to be used on any metal knife, axe, scissors, or tool after every sharpening and between sharpening to keep the edge shaving sharp.  They will greatly prolong the time between sharpening and the life of the tool itself.  They are made from Richlite phenolic with a genuine vegetable tanned full-grain Hermann Oak leather surface.  Use the natural silicates in the leather or apply the polishing compound of your choice.  They come with a washable strop cover to keep the leather free from contaminants between uses. They will provide a lifetime of service if used and cared for properly.  

The Base Camp Strop has a 3” x 10” stropping surface.  It is perfect for base camp operations, kitchen knife maintenance, etc. 

The Scout Strop has a 1.25” x 8” stropping surface.  It is perfect for mobile operations, hiking, etc.

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