For most of our customers, buying a Trekboxx represents a significant investment, which often requires approval of the family CFO, the wife.   This article is written for those women who are wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

I’d like to start off by saying that I absolutely love our own Trekboxx system and really can’t imagine how we previously lived without it.  That being said, it took a lot of convincing for me to get on board with the idea of putting a drawer system in our vehicle.  And although David would disagree, I like to think that I was the one who inadvertently set the whole thing in motion.

The journey began when David and I were looking for a vehicle that would be suitable for our future family, yet still very off-road capable.  First, it was I who vetoed every vehicle save the Land Cruiser (sorry Jeep folks).   Secondly, I decided to get him a fridge for Christmas, having no idea how that thing was supposed to fit in the back when I would need the rear space for a stroller, diaper bag, Pac-N-Play, suitcases, etc.  What about all of the survival gear and tools that David insists on taking everywhere we go?   Finally, my tendency towards messiness and disorder seriously offends David’s meticulous nature (which is why I’m never allowed to pack the car).  In my defense, there’s an order to my disorder…not my problem if he can’t see it.

My concern when David told me that he was going to build a drawer system was that the drawers, shelves and cargo barrier would only take up more valuable space.  Not to mention the time and cost involved in the design and build when we were about to have our first baby.   I wouldn’t say that David asked my permission to proceed, but he did get my blessing after he promised that there would be ample room for the above-mentioned items.   Oh, I also requested that I be able to see and reach inside the fridge without having to climb onto the tailgate (I’m 5’4”) and that everything would be operable single-handed.

Fast forward through 2 babies, 2 redesigns, a move, the official launch of Trekboxx, and a serious injury to David’s hip (yes, we are still married….)  As mentioned above, I can’t imagine not having a drawer system.   The setup comes in handy for everything that we do with the Land Cruiser.  While the benefits are many, I’d like to share a few that directly impact my daily life.

First and foremost, I have to mention the cargo barrier.  David’s work in law enforcement has opened my eyes to the dangers that exist from loose items inside vehicles.  I have great peace of mind knowing that my boys will be protected from anything in the back should we get into an accident.

Secondly, I have actually become much more organized (still not to David’s standards, but definitely improved.)  I also love the fact that I can lock my purse out of sight when I don’t feel like taking it with me.  Furthermore, all of David’s gear is neatly stowed away in a drawer, instead of thrown loosely in the back making it difficult to load anything else, i.e. groceries. 

Thirdly, having easily accessible space for basic food prepping items and a clean on-board work surface has proven invaluable, especially when traveling with children.  We live at the base of the Sierra Nevadas and frequently take day trips just to explore the local mountains.  Getting out the door in a timely fashion is a lot easier when the car is always packed with the essentials. 

Finally, having an easily accessible fridge in the car has become indispensible.  Not having to deal with coolers and ice, while always having cold beverages on hand is reason alone to invest in one, but the fact that the grocery store doesn’t necessarily have to be the last stop often makes my life easier.  It’s nice to be able to pick up what I need and throw it in the fridge, then get the kids and go to swim lessons or wherever else I need to go. 

Overall, having a Trekboxx system has added a certain convenience component that I wasn’t even aware was missing.  Not only does the system accommodate David in the things that he likes to do, but it has become invaluable to me as well…and he never misses an opportunity to say, “I told you so.”